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Student Writing
Creative Writing

“You can make anything by writing.” – C.S.Lewis

Mdm Yip started teaching creative writing in 1995. She designs this programme with an ambitious goal in mind – to make sure the students have a solid vocabulary bank so they can enjoy creating and writing compositions.

During the lessons, the students learn:

  • how to analyse the topic and get its main focus

  • how to craft an interesting composition

  • writing techniques

  • useful words and phrases

  • what a good composition is

  • Students will write out a composition of the day’s topic in class, with the given guide or using their own ideas. Each piece of work is marked and returned the following week.

Industrial Design Car Sketch 2
English Paper 2

The lessons are planned with progressive learning in mind. Each section of the English paper 2 will first be introduced to the students with the basic rules and concepts.


This is then followed by providing the students with the knowledge required to tackle the section. The students eventually get to practise with the given exercises and go through the thinking process to apply what they have learnt.

By tackling the sections individually, the students get to master the skills and familiarise themselves with the examination format. This will be helpful when they face a full paper during an examination.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-22 at 7.17.52 PM.
Secondary English

The challenging school syllabus demands students to apply critical thinking skills. In this programme, students are taught examination strategies and given sufficient practices to develop analytical and language skills.

This programme is also supported by a wide range of reading materials to:

create awareness of current affairs
provide students with essential knowledge
allow students to infer and form opinions

Math Notebook and Calculator

Primary/Secondary Mathematics

Worksheets that cater to the topics they have been taught in school as well as to their learning pace

Students can review key concepts of each topic by viewing the videos that are uploaded weekly into the group chat

Students can seek clarification when doing their school work via WhatsApp

Students can attend extra sessions to reinforce concepts at no additional cost

Primary/Secondary Science

With so much knowledge taught at school, our Science teachers here at Mdm Yip’s create a curriculum that sharpens critical thinking skills, so that students can process the knowledge and learn to apply.

Here, students learn to relate science knowledge to real-life situations. With the increasing demands of the school examinations, our science teachers constantly innovate and improvise their lessons so that students are always well prepared.

Our science programme aims to:

  • Teach answering techniques for different sorts of questions

  • Show how real-life events incorporate science concepts that are tested in examinations

  • Identify and categorise different examination questions so students see how the topics connect

  • Develop the skills to extract keywords and put them into sentences for answers

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