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Collection of Fees:

All fees collected are non-refundable and non-transferable. Fees for all classes are collected at the start of each Centre schedule/module. There will be a late charge of $10 for fees collected after the grace period.

There are 6 Centre Schedules/Creative Writing Modules in a year. Lessons run from January to November. Each Centre Schedule/Module usually has 8 lessons. The number of lessons per Centre Schedule/Module is subjected to change.

New (non-current) students and ex-students who join on-going classes will pay pro-rated fees, if applicable, and a one-time $20 registration fee.

Students who withdraw from the Centre in the middle of the Schedule are required to pay regular fees.

No deposit is required for all students.

Missed lessons:

Students can come for a similar lesson within the week as replacement where available. Teachers are not obligated to replace lessons outside their teaching schedules for absentees. If a student misses any lesson, notes or homework will be given to the student on the next lesson to ensure nothing is missed.

There is for no refund or pro-rated fees for any lesson missed, with or without notice to the Centre.

Public/School Holidays:

Students should assume that there are lessons on Public Holidays unless informed otherwise by the Centre.

Fees are payable during school holidays as long as the teacher conducts the lessons. Students who are going for holidays can come for replacement lessons where available. Worksheets will be given to students who missed their lessons, regardless of reasons.

Discounted package pricing:

As packages are already heavily discounted, they will only be offered to students once. Students have to complete the year's curriculum for all the subjects in the package to enjoy the savings. Those who rejoin after a break will pay the regular lessons rates.

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