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At Mdm Yip’s tuition  centres, our teachers are experienced and dedicated to nurture the students to deliver results.

Our teachers constantly motivate the students to strive for academic excellence by engaging in discussions and checking their understanding.

The curriculum for both the primary and secondary tuition classes are planned by our tutors who apply their self-formulated teaching methodology so that students are well prepared to score in the examinations.


Students are encouraged to clarify their doubts in their school work during lessons to cope with the pace of learning.

Teacher Yvonne

(Primary Creative Writing,

Elite Creative Writing &

Lower Secondary English)  


Teacher Yvonne has a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Social Sciences. She is passionate about child psychology and education and uses effective and unique lesson materials which she creates on her own.

What do her students and parents think?

I truly appreciate Tr Yvonne's time and guidance to Natalie on Creative Writing skills for the past 2 years. Natalie has received English AL 1 with 19.5/20 for Paper 1 for P4 EOY. Hope she can keep up her good work with Tr Yvonne's and Mdm Yip's guidance for the coming year as well. Thank you!

Natalie Ong's Parent


Teacher Yvonne is an extremely engaging teacher who inspired both my kids to write better. She helped my elder son top his school cohort in P6 prelim compo and now she's helping my younger child obtain good results for compo (37.5/40) as well.

Mrs Lim

Ms Farah

(Primary Creative Writing &

Elite English Paper 2)

Ms Farah is a passionate educator who has more than 5 years of teaching English under her belt.  Her  students gain confidence in communication skills under her guidance, at the same time honing their critical thinking skills. Ms Farah also uses newspaper articles in her lessons and shares general knowledge and current affairs.

What do her students think?

Ms Farah is a very thorough teacher. She goes through questions and explains them until we understand. She also tells us what our weaknesses are in Paper 2 so that we can work on them. Ever since joining Ms Farah’s class, I have improved in the Comprehension Open-Ended and MCQ sections.

Isabel Koh (PLMGPS)

Ms Farah is a very kind teacher. She is patient and does not scold us when we make mistakes. Instead, she would explain what we did wrong and how we can improve. Her lessons are thoroughly enjoyable. She plans fun learning activities for us such as Kahoot and Hangman. Ms Farah also uses newspaper articles in her lessons. They help to expand our range of vocabulary and give us an idea of what is currently happening around us. As such, I always look forward to her lessons every week! 

In only three months, my grades have improved from an AL2 (86%) to an AL1 (92%). I have learnt many techniques to answer Synthesis & Transformation questions as well as the Comprehension section. As a result of the many challenging papers I’ve tackled, my weakness, Comprehension Cloze, has now become my strength. Due to Ms Farah’s effective teaching methods, I have learnt many ways of answering different variations of Paper 2 questions. I would certainly recommend going for Ms Farah’s English Paper 2 class if you ever need a reliable English tutor!

Hazel Cheah (Sembawang Primary)


Ms Shah
(Secondary English)

She is an ex-HOD (English) with over 20 years of teaching experience, and uses well-developed teaching materials and methods. She specialises in Secondary English and focuses on writing skills.

What do her students think?

I'm grateful to Ms Shah for helping me improve my English skills, for example in Vocabulary, Grammar and model structures. I find her teaching easy to grasp. She also helps us enjoy her tuition classes. My grades improved from B4 to A2 after taking Ms Shah's classes.

Lee Zheng Xi Ambrose (Whitley Secondary School)

Ms Shah's lessons are very special. She makes the lesson as fun as possible so that we can have fun. She also uses different teaching methods for us to understand the concepts better. When we are confused or stuck on a question, she will go out of her way and try to help us. Ever since joining her class, my grade improved from AL6 (PSLE result) to A1 (77%). My vocabulary and sentence structure were my weaknesses in Primary school but I have improved tremendously. Ms Shah is a wonderful teacher and deserves the recognition! 

Jessie Sou (KCPSS)

Ms Shah's lessons are very fun and interesting. She uses different techniques and ways to teach us so that we can easily understand. My results improved a lot through her lessons. At the end of the year, I scored an A for my final paper!

Ng Sze Han (Guangyang Secondary)


Ms Fernandez
(Secondary Mathematics)

She has taught Maths for 9 years and is well-versed in all streams of the Maths syllabus. Her teaching methodology consists of going through topics from scratch to bridge the gaps in understanding, providing in-depth explanations to worksheets as well as providing detailed mind-maps of formulae and key concepts. She also uploads videos after lessons so that her students can revisit topics at their own time.

What do her students think?

Ms Fernandez is an outstanding teacher who taught me from Secondary 1 to 4. Before joining Ms Fernandez’s class, I was performing borderline for Maths. After joining, I performed very well for my lower secondary Maths such that I was handpicked to do A Maths for the N Level exam. I benefited greatly from Ms Fernandez as she is thorough in her overview of the topics, gives detailed explanations and shows clearly labelled, step-by-step workings which I can refer to when I self-study at home. Outside of the classroom, Ms Fernandez answered questions via WhatsApp which helped me cope with my school workload. In addition to that, I sat in for multiple sessions with Ms Fernandez before my N Level and O level exams which boosted my confidence in E and A Maths.

Jade Ng (CHIJ Toa Payoh)


Ms Fernandez taught me for 4 years up till my N Level Exam. I am grateful to have a teacher like her. Her lessons are very easy to understand and she goes through the whole topic from scratch. We write down the notes in class and attempt questions together using detailed workings. When I have difficulties with my school work, I can bring them to tuition and Ms Fernandez will explain them to me thoroughly. I can also text Ms Fernandez directly should I have any questions and especially when I am too shy to voice out in class. I have developed a confidence in Maths and a love for the subject ever since joining Mdm Yip’s. Before joining Ms Fernandez’s class, I was scoring 60+ marks but after joining, I scored 87% at my N Level Prelim exam.

Ravin Anandan (St Gabriel’s Secondary)


Teacher Jenna/Mdm Tay
(Primary Science

Tr Jenna/Mdm Tay is both our Science and Chinese creative writing teacher. Many children find her amicable, thoughtful and fun. She is an MOE trainer who has been teaching in Primary and Secondary schools since year 2000. She teaches Science Olympiad and Chinese and has been with Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) Science programmes for many years. She puts lots of thought into how she presents the material. She paces the class just right so the students feel challenged yet not overwhelmed. She is always patient and eager to help and encourage her students to try.

What do her students think?

Teacher Jenna helped me improve my grade from 60 to 88. She has changed my perception of hating Science to now loving and enjoying it. I love attending her Science class.

Natalie Boo (Pei Chun Public School)

My science improved 11 marks from P4 to P5 every since I attended Mdm Tay's class. She always makes sure that we grasp the concepts and techniques well before moving on to the next lesson. She also lets us do experiments in class.

Chelsea (KSPPS)

Teacher Jenna is an amazing Science teacher. She is thoughtful and always makes the lesson enjoyable and fun. I improved from 89 to 96.5 after joining her class.

Caris Ng (KCPPS)


Mdm Wu
(Primary Chinese)

Mdm Wu has 6 years of tutoring experience in local tution centers. She is good at using vocabulary learned in class to interact with students, improving their understanding of Chinese. She help students maintain interest with current events and stories to consolidate vocabulary. She often integrate games and other interactive methods in the classroom to allow students to improve their writing skills through oral expression.


Teacher Theo
(Primary Creative Writing, Secondary English)


Teacher Theo is an experienced educator who has taught in MOE schools for 6 years. Students find his dynamic teaching style engaging, and benefit from how he frames concepts with clarity. A recipient of the NIE Caring Teacher Award, he firmly believes in helping students reach their potential.

What do his students think?

The way Teacher Theo teaches in class is very in-depth as compared to in school, explaining words, giving different tips and tricks and giving all of us feedback on our work and how we can improve. This year is the first time I got an A for English!

Wilson (Whitley Secondary)

Teacher Theo is an engaging teacher who can keep the students' attention easily. His lessons are all fun and effective, and he always likes making lessons interesting and enjoyable. He would often tell us about the many things that are happening in the real world and how these events can be used in our writing.

Yu Heng (Xinmin Secondary)


Ms Jessie Ong

(Primary English Paper 2 & Lower Secondary English)

Ms Jessie Ong has more than 30 years of teaching experience and is up-to-date on the current syllabus and teaching techniques. Her students are highly motivated and show improvement in both their academic results and their attitude towards learning.

What do her students think?

I first joined Ms Ong in Primary three. When I came to her, my English grades were ranging from a B to a very low A. I still remembered the day I joined her class starkly as something had happened to me. As I was used to being spoon-fed with answers, I approached her and asked, “What is the meaning of this word?” She replies kindly, “Try it first. That’s the way in my classes, you try, and I will teach you if you get it wrong.” Ever since that day, my English results started to show some forms of improvement, from a “B” to an “A” to an “A*”. 

Lim Zhi Yong (St. Gabriel's Primary)

Ms Ong’s lessons have taught me the grammar rules and how to apply them at the right times. She has also instilled good habits in me when doing Paper 2 for English. I really appreciate her effort for helping me understand my English MCQs, vocabulary and grammar rules better.

She gives clear instructions and often provides us with feedback on how we can improve. She is a very caring teacher. I think a good point about Ms Ong is that she cracks jokes in class from time to time so that learning isn’t always dull and boring. 

I recommended Ms Ong’s PSLE Oral workshop to a friend of mine and he commented that he found the workshop useful and had applied the oral skills taught during his PSLE Oral exam.

 Steffi Khoo (Anderson Primary)


Ms Li
(Primary & Secondary Mathematics)

She has been teaching Mathematics for over 10 years and is familiar with the Mathematics syllabus. She loves interacting with children and will try different methods to let the children understand all the Math topics.

What do her students and parents think?

After joining Ms Li class this year, I have improved greatly. I can now solve problems sums related to fractions using the proper sophiscated way, instead of the long arduous one by understanding the concepts of fractions better. I scored 92 for my latest paper.

Baik Joon Ha (Mayflower Primary)



I find Ms Li’s lessons enjoyable and I was able to understand the topics better in Mathematics. In secondary school, I noticed how I improved from C’s to B’s and now I’m scoring A2 for Math!

Kellie Yeo (AMKSS)

Kindly help to convey this thank you message to Ms Li. Xin Ying saw a big improvement in Maths which she was struggling with and she didn't like word problems. During Term 3, she got only 60 marks. However, after joining Ms Li, she was able to get score 90 marks during the final exam (highest mark among all subjects), and Maths became her favourite subject. Moreover, Xin Ying also got the "Star Learner Award" from school.

Ng Xin Ying's Parent


Teacher Ann
(Primary Creative Writing & Science)

Teacher Ann has a bachelor of psychology from the University of Wollongong and a graduate diploma in educational psychology from the Arium school of arts and sciences. She's taught and guided students in Science and English for over 8 years and enjoys working alongside her students and watching them grow in the years to come. She simplifies complex scientific concepts and knowledge for her students and nurtures their curiosity in the subject. As a result, students not only improve in their knowledge of science but also learn to excel in their examinations.

What do her students' parent think?

Teacher Ann is a patient, kind, friendly and dedicated teacher. Her profound knowledge has helped and encouraged my son to be more confident in his studies. She is very efficient in sourcing out relevant resources to help my son. She is able to build trust and bond with my son knowing that my son can be very challenging. She went through extra mile to coach my son during the PSLE period. Thank you very much for all your patience and guidance for our son. We appreciate it very much.
                                                                                                          Mrs Raha

Teacher Ann has managed my P6 twin boys effectively through every EL lesson. She is firm and helps them focus on the different tasks and skills required for the EL paper. She is comprehensive in her approach, polite, encouraging, and responsive. Under her guidance, I am certain my boys will do excellently for the coming PSLE!

                                                                                                                Ms Ho


Teacher Liyuan
(Primary & Secondary Chinese)

Tr Liyuan graduated from Normal University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature (师范大学汉语言文学专业). She has more than 10 years of tutoring experience and has taught MOE training camp courses. She is very familiar with primary and secondary school textbooks and exam content. She pays attention to the cultivation of students' study habits and learning, and enables students to master writing skills through interesting language skills.

What do her students think?

林玥辰P4 :上了立元老师的作文课,我从开始的讨厌写作文,变得                          喜欢写作文了。我学会了汉字的结构,错字变少了,作                          文内容变长了。


符心玮 P4 : 和立元老师上了作文课后,我学到了很多好的词语和句                          子,我的成绩进步了。


陈俊旭P4: 第一次写作文的时候,我只可以写出一段。两个学期后,                      我已经可以写出完整的故事了。



谢组睿P5: 在立元老师的教导下,我的作文从一直以来的不及格,到                      现在的中等水平。我现在最喜欢的是写作文。谢谢立元老                      师在帮助我作文的同时,也提高了我的 Paper 2 成绩!

Ms Lim
(Primary Mathematics)

Ms Lim has 7 years’ experience in teaching Primary Mathematics. Her strength is her ability to break down problems into smaller steps to facilitate understanding. Previous students have seen an average improvement of 10 marks.


Teacher Maverick
(Secondary Science)

Teacher Maverick is able to relate to the students at heart and mentor each child individually. With a unique perspective and effective teaching methods, he aims to make complex scientific concepts accessible and enjoyable. He'll explore the wonders of science, nurturing curiosity and excelling examinations!

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